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January 2018
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Chaw Nchuav Kub

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 Hmong story

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Professional Level I

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PostSubject: Hmong story   Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:44 am

I love my husband very much, we've been with each other for over 9 1/2 years now. We have kids together and have our own ups and downs. Until recently, we've had a couple of dramatic moments were things have changed us around. I don't know what my husband is thinking, but I've been thinking many things including moving on and leaving him alone.

Just a couple of days ago, we got into a argument, and it's made me change my mind of wanting to leave him even more. Why do I keep saying this? From the very beginning, his family never liked me. They've always tried to cause problems for me and my husband. Every time we had gotten into an argument, he would say his family doesn't want him to marry me. When we moved out, he realized that his family never really cared about him, even as much as they have done to the both of us, he still loves them no matter what. His family has called me names and his sister would talk about beating me up. I wonder to myself how come I have sister in laws too and I don't do what they do? They hate us to the point where they don't call us for any gatherings or what not. Whenever we buy stuff we give his mom them a portion of what we get, but we've never received anything from them, we don't expect to, but the least she could do, is try to offer even though she doesn't want to.

I've been having thoughts, I'd like to know if anyone's ever experienced these types of in laws? I feel that even though I'm married to him, I can't marry him anymore because of his families treatment. It seems that not too recently, his mom wanted him to divorce me, he left and came back, now his mom and siblings kind of disowned him. I feel bad for him and feel bad that he even feels like the middle person, but I'm also mad that gd doesn't realize what they're doing to him. He seems to make them top priority verses his wife and kids. I'm very hurt and wish I can explain more stuff in details, but I hope that some of you can be understanding with some comments and or ideas.

I'm at the edge of everything. I'd like to have family and friends around where there's not a weird silence and stuff. I can't marry a family with so much hatred, so different from my own family. His mom is the jealous type, where if one of his uncles and aunts help us out in any way, she would be against the uncles and aunts, and influence her kids to have her same attitude towards them also. A lot of his aunts and uncles see this too, they feel sorry for my husband, but at the same time, they tell him he should know how to feel sorry that his family treats him that way. It's a crazy family, but how much longer can I do this? I want a happy marriage. Not one that fails because of family.
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Hmong story
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