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August 2017
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Chaw Nchuav Kub

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 Hmong story

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Professional Level I
Professional Level I

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PostSubject: Hmong story   Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:01 am

Dear HRC,

so my girl we been together for like 8 years and after havin our baby girl my wife blew up. she gained 50 lbs and she dont look the same no more. for 2 years she tried everythang from exercising to dieting to starving to taking pills. but she still fat. about 3 months ago she told me that she bought some new pills and she's loosing weight and i see that she's improvin. she's lookin really good better then she did bak then cuz she was just thick. its that hydroxycut is what she told me, she take 4 in the mornin and 4 in the afternoon. but she's been spending so much money on those pills n i thought it was okay since she look so good. but three weeks ago i ask for a couple bucks for cigs and she grab something out of her pocket and it cracked on the floor and i saw that it was a glass crack pipe. she got so mad she blame me and yell at me for wanting to smoke my menthol lights. so she picked up the pieces of the pipe and she looked and looked and i took the money to go buy cigs and she was still looking for the drugs when i came back. i know she's smoking that meth cuz she got skinnier. for the past three weeks i've been pondering if i should still let her smoke that crack cuz she looking so good. or should i tell her to stop and have her get mad and fat. im stuck in this dilema and having trouble but with the drugs she could rock all night til the break of dawn. she stop snoring also and she look so good. i was just thinkin about having her smoke it occasionally that way she could maintain her figure. what should i do?
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PostSubject: Re: Hmong story   Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:11 pm

Wow! It is not the right way to diet. I think you should stop her for doing this crack things. If you love her it doesn't matter if she thin or thick.
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Hmong story
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